What Others Are Saying

“When it comes to knowing how to create an environment in which people can do their best work, Tim Williams knows the right principles. He can show marketing professionals how to get golden eggs without killing the goose." 

Stephen R. Covey, Author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

“Tim Williams has the best grasp on agency brand positioning I have ever seen.  It deserves as wide an audience as possible within our industry.”  

Cindy Gallop, Former Chairman, Bartle Bogle Hegarty NY

“The shoemaker story about holes in their shoes applies to ad agencies as well. ‘Take a Stand for Your Brand’ inspires the people who market for a living to market themselves.” 

Jonathan Bond, Kirshenbaum & Bond

“Pull up a chair with Tim Williams and some of the best minds in the business as they take a moment to show you how the creative skills you use to make brands famous can be deployed on yourself.”  

Jim Mountjoy, Partner, Loeffler Ketchum Mountjoy

“We in the advertising business are our own worst clients. This book helps agency principals look inward and do for their own brand what they do for their clients' brands.  It stands out from the glut of ‘How to Succeed in Business’ books by focusing on how to succeed in the advertising business."

Steve Laughlin, CEO, Laughlin-Constable

“This is a handbook for any agency that wants to set itself apart from the pack.  Tim Williams has distilled much of the best thinking ever done about brands and applied it single-mindedly to the agency business model.   It ought to be mandatory reading for serious students of the business.” 

Robert F. Lauterborn, Professor of Advertising, University of North Carolina

“Tim Williams has encapsulated the experiences and thinking of a lifetime in this business into a very understandable and impossible to fault path.  This book is mandatory reading for our entire agency". 

Don DePasquale, President, Regnier Valdez

“I want you to know what a tremendous impact this book has had on our agency.  I read the entire thing twice, almost non-stop. It now has as many of my hand written notes in it as there is copy itself. I have used it to brand my agency like never before.  Thank you – this is the best book I've read in the business in many years.”  

Cheril Hendry, Principal, Hendry Lindman Feltman & Associates

“Read “Take a Stand for Your Brand” by Tim Williams, and your agency won't ever blend in again. It's must reading for agency executives.” 

Tom Monahan, Before & After, author of “The Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy,”

“I'm reading your book right now.  I love it.  These principles are so simple and ones I recommend to my clients, but I never bothered doing it for myself in the past.  In developing our agency, it’s helping me and my partner to do it the right way.”  

Brendan Miller, Principal, The Armory